I’m David Coulson, commercial artist, and these are a few of my friends and favorites:

House Industries, font company (I drew their Monster Font set).

Highlights of my Carrot Bag collection. I started saving them when I’d moved to New York one semester for a college arts program working as an assistant to comic book artist Neal Adams. I’d pass many vegetable stands on the way to work and began noticing the incredible variety of cartoon art on carrot bags. I bought them for the carrots but saved the bags, and soon figured I was amassing the largest carrot bag collection in the world. I later found this wasn’t the case when by chance I met another collector, Jeff Chiplis, who had far surpassed me!

John Pound, the cartoonist and illustrator of the Garbage Pail Kids, and an early mentor.

John Holmstrom’s site. John was instrumental in creating Punk Magazine, Comical Funnies and Stop! Magazine, the last of which I was a contributor to.

Bruce Carleton’s The Jaded Gates, the website of one of the first art directors to give me high profile work when I started freelancing, and a dynamite artist. We also worked on Stop! Magazine together.

Ken Avidor, another of the Stop! gang and a must-see cartoonist.

The National Cartoonists Society, of which I’m a proud member.

Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators, the second largest illustrators’ group in the US, after New York City’s.

CAPS, the Comic Art Professional Society.

Duane Keiser’s A Painting A Day, by the artist who started the daily-painting web phenomenon.

Lou Brooks, the iconic pop art illustrator who gave me my professional start by hiring me to assist him when I first moved to New York, and then referred me to assignments he was too busy to undertake.

Bob Newman, the great magazine creative director who’s given me work at many of the his publications.

Leslie Cabarga, a fantastic commercial artist and writer/educator, who graciously included me in several of his book projects over the years.

Wendy Bennett Fine Art Paper Conservation, the place to go for the conservation of paper-based artwork. I’ve used their services for years.

David Coulson Portraiture, a site dedicated to the promotion of my painted portraits.

Here are a few links to articles that have appeared about me and my work:

A human interest newspaper story about my baseball card illustrating:


An interview with a baseball card blogger:


Page 5 of this issue of the Pittsburgh Society of Illustrators newsletter has an interview with me:


Finally, for those dedicated readers who’ve managed to get this far, here are a couple of bonus additional features: